Build Your Own Home in London Ontario – An Ultimate Guide

Owning a home is one of those things that most people dream of and desire. While buying a home can allow you to taste homeownership in convenience, building a home allows you to customize your dream home to your exact specifications.  

By building a home yourself, you can also eliminate the maintenance concerns that you might have to face after buying an existing house. You can utilize the best and latest materials and finishes in a home you build yourself, and thus meet the advanced modern-day construction standards. 

However, you’ll certainly have a lot of questions and confusion before deciding whether you should really build a home in London, Ontario. This is why we have presented the most significant facts and information for building a home in London, Ontario in this writing; so that you can make a wise decision!

London, Ontario: Is This the Right Place to Build A New Home?

London is a diverse and flourishing city with plentiful amenities. The city is nestled on the river Thames and surrounded by farmlands and woodlands. The location of this city offers easy and convenient access to Toronto, Buffalo, and Detroit. Some top reasons to build a home in London, Ontario include:

Vast employment opportunities

The business sector in this city is thriving strongly with many high-tech, financial, manufacturing, healthcare, and educational jobs. London is home to some of Canada’s fastest-growing companies as well as industry giants, such as 3M Canada, General Dynamics Land Systems, Ellis Don, and more. This means that the city is ready to offer you a diverse range of job opportunities.  

Educational Options

London has a number of good elementary and secondary schools as well as some colleges and universities having impressive credentials. They offer excellent academic learning opportunities to children and young adults. 

Other Amenities

London has all the major retailers, numerous specialty shops, and farmer’s markets to offer everything you need to stock your home. There are countless options for budget to fine dining, fitness and recreational activities, and outdoor adventures galore. The city features numerous regional events and attracts world-class entertainers too.


Unlike some other cities from Ontario, London is pretty affordable. The cost of living here is affordable, and you can build a home here at a much cheaper cost than the national average.

The Best Neighbourhoods in London, Ontario

When building a new home, you need to choose a neighborhood that offers the convenience, accessibility, and amenities you need. If you look at London, you will find that most new home developments take place in the North and West of the city. Both of these areas offer convenient access to the downtown core, excellent parks, shopping malls, hospitals, public transit, good schools, and more. 

West London has the most amazing parks and recreational opportunities, including the river-front hiking trails in Komoka Provincial Park. North London offers easy access to Harris Park which and a scenic view and exciting hiking trails at Medway Valley Heritage Forest.

Tips to Choose the Right House Design & Lot

To simplify your home building process, you need to understand what you actually need. You should ask yourself about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, and how much would be the square footage for those. Also, you need to choose between a traditional and a modern design.

To define lot size, analyze how you would use the property. Lots come in many shapes too that you need to choose by considering your unique needs. If you love gardening, you will love a sunny corner lot. If you have a family with children, you’d be more concerned about security.

Costs to Consider When Building a New Home in London Ontario

When building a home, there are a number of other costs in addition to the basics that you might overlook. Before you start the construction work, you need to excavate the site, clear it thoroughly, and add drainage. During construction, you need to be ready for flooring, finishes, appliances, finishes, and some other costs that might cost you a significant amount of money. 

When you build a new home, you are also likely to be responsible for landscaping your backyard and putting up fences, decks, trees, and shrubs. Don’t forget the furniture yet. Also, you need to keep a sufficient amount extra for unexpected issues. You might find cracks in your siding, broken tiles, or other defects that you haven’t anticipated before.

You’ll also need to cover the costs of several fees and permits. The fees for permits vary on the size of a property. Additionally, the city of London charges property taxes to all the properties in the city, and the tax is a bit higher in the case of new construction homes.

The best way to minimize your total costs and make everything perfect is to hire a professional home builder. Though a professional home builder will cost some fees, they know how to cut costs in different aspects and make you satisfied with the whole process. 

The Final Verdict

Building a home is the most expensive and exciting project one takes in hand in a whole lifetime. The success of this project can lead to excellent satisfaction while failing to make things perfect can be the regret of a lifetime.  This is why you need to be careful in making each and every decision when building a home all by yourself. 

Building a home in London, Ontario would be an excellent decision to take as long as you can do everything wisely. We hope that our informative writing has helped you with the insights and information you needed for building a home in London, Ontario.