Call the Babysitter! 11 Ways to Let your Hair Down After a Long Week



Nothing is better than arriving home for the weekend to decompress after a hard, exhausting week at work. Everyone de-stresses differently, and—believe it or not—there are more methods to unwind than simply lounging on the sofa while holding a pint of ice cream and the TV remote in each hand.

We’ve done some research and identified 11 scientifically proven activities to improve your mood, assist you in reducing stress, or distract you from what’s going on at work. Making time for self-care will result in you being a happier, healthier employee in the long term.

So, without further ado, let’s check some of the most effective ways to unwind on the weekend after a busy week at work.

Take a stroll or a run


It’s no secret that regular exercise will enhance your health. Try putting on your exercise gear when you get home and hitting the streets. According to scientists, running wards off worry, improves mood, and keeps your brain youthful. Even if you’re not much of a runner, a steady walk will work just fine.

Enjoy a nice book

After work, reading is the ideal approach to allow oneself to step into a completely new universe and escape reality. Reading is not only enjoyable, but it also helps you remember things better, pay attention for extended periods, and feel less stressed.

Play online games

Playing games, whether on a computer, video game or mobile device, can help you unwind and relax after a long week at work. Not only that but according to scientists, playing games can also help you improve your problem-solving skills and enhance your cognitive thinking. Try your hand at a new video game title, enjoy new online casinos reviewed by CasinosCanada, or even exercise your brain with fun online games like crosswords or sudoku.

Make dinner for yourself


It’s common to cook something delicious to relax, and some individuals find cooking to be wholly therapeutic. There’s something about measuring out ingredients and executing a recipe that helps us feel in control, especially when we may feel powerless in other aspects of life outside the kitchen. Cooking and baking are shown to improve your mood and your creativity. Hence, the next time you’re dissatisfied after work, grab your mixing bowl and prepare a beautiful meal.

Turn off your mobile

You should quit checking your emails and leave work at the workplace when you go home. Sleep and melatonin levels may suffer if you stare at devices all day. Thus, unless you want to spend the rest of the night counting sheep, the best way to decompress after work is to turn off your phone and enjoy some tech-free time.

Write a journal

There are several advantages to keeping a journal. Go over the superficial doodles about your crushes and into the meaty details. You may manage stress, make your ideas clearer, and handle problems skillfully by writing down your daily feelings, objectives, and realizations. Also, you’ll learn a lot about yourself.

Attempt to create and craft