Developers & Employers Prefer to Connect Through Networks

Despite the new tools for finding jobs, employees and partners emerge every day. Networking remains the main force that keeps businesses alive. And there are reasons for that.

According to Bob Burg, the author of Endless Referrals, “in today’s tough business climate, where competition is so incredibly fierce, and many markets are already saturated, people realize that it’s vital to be able to cultivate new businesses without spending a lot of money doing it.” The only way to make this possible is by networking.

In this article, we’ll discuss how businesses and job seekers can utilize the power of networking for their benefit. We’ll also cover some general pitfalls of seeking jobs, candidates, or partners through networks and how to avoid them.

Who and why needs networking?

In today’s market, companies, employees, and clients prefer meeting each other through people they know. IT industry is not an exclusion.

For example, MLSDev – software development firm specializing in app development services, gets many new customers through referrals from existing clients.

The same refers to developers seeking jobs. Besides salary offerings and other benefits, devs are eager to learn the moral values of a company. The best way to learn more about this is by asking someone already working there.

Employers wish to know whether a candidate will be a good fit for the team and therefore need more info than that mentioned in CVs. People often refer someone they know to close open positions on the projects they work on. Thus, candidates work with the people who referred them, easing the onboarding process.

General pitfalls of hiring through networks

If you want a referral for a job in a company providing dedicated development team services, you must be in their environment. (Read to learn more: If you aren’t there, your chances are low.

Networking usually excludes people outside networks. For employees, it means bigger chances to skip top talents outside their network, and Devs outside the reach of the referral network lose hiring opportunities.

It is essential for people who work remotely and have smaller chances to build networks in a business environment.

The only solution to both categories is boosting outreach.

And this is only possible by networking correctly.

How to build networks properly?

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking of networking is visiting events. Yet, according to Miranda Kalinowski, head of global recruiting for Facebook, to be successful in networking, one should explore every opportunity, like civic, school, and social groups, in addition to business events.

There are plenty of seminars, webinars, live and online conferences, courses, classes, etc., where you can introduce yourself and make valuable connections. At first sight, it looks simple – go and connect!

But let’s be fair, does it always feel comfortable for you to step up to someone and speak out?

Moreover, your input should be valuable.

You have to speak on the topic people are interested in, give them the information they cherish, and help them in something they need to leave a good and lasting impression. Just being present at an event is never enough.

To accomplish this, you must be genuinely interested in your expertise. If possible, even interested in the activity of a person you will build a connection with. With Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s easy. Before you go to a conference, check out the background of speakers and attendees. People are flattered when they realize they are in the scope of someone’s interest.

Summing up

Networking is an essential fail-proof way to build a better career, and it is equally crucial for job seekers, recruiters, sales managers, and CEOs. Anyway, the eternal secret ingredient of every success story is the ability to know the right people.

 Author’s bio: Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web & mobile app solutions from scratch. She researches the area of technology to create great content about app development, UX/UI design, tech & business consulting.