Fun (and Free) Drop in Playgroups for Little Kids | February 2018


There are many, many free playdates for parents to attend in Edmonton (and area). With new drop in playdates every single day, and Edmonton playgrounps for parents to get to know one another, make new friends and have the chance for children to play with one another, it’s easy to get enjoy.

Drop in: Busy Bodies
When: Multiple weekday options
Is your child full of energy? Bring them to this exciting program where they will practice moving their bodies through fun games and activities to develop their physical literacy. Caregiver participation is required and encouraged.

Urban Kids Playgroup
When: Friday Mornings
Hey all you Urban Kids, and urban Downtown Edmonton parents. Yoyomi Conklin invites parents and tots ages 0-5 to join us in 2018 on Friday mornings! Some snacks and drinks are available. Let’s play!

Drop in: Little Explorers
When: Tuesday mornings
Children are eager to explore new things. Find new ways to play using upcycled and unique materials that are not typically used in a play setting. Open-ended play and experimentation allows children to express themselves freely and creatively.

Creative Play and More
When: Thursday Mornings
This is a weekly drop-in playgroup for young children and their parents/caregivers. The focus is on supporting young children’s learning through their play. Each week will include some sensory play activities that encourage children to use their five senses and movement to explore and discover. These “hands on” activities will help children develop their understanding of math, science, and language concepts in ways that are fun and developmentally appropriate.

Are you searching for the full list of play groups in Edmonton with kids, that are free (and fun)? Bookmark the Raising Edmonton events calendar for play dates and drop in play events every day!

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