Get FREE Admission to Amazone Playzone on Tuesday Morning

We love Amazone Playzone. It’s handsdown our favourite playground to play in, in the city. But when we take all four of our kids there, it’s well over sixty bucks. It’s a treat, a celebration that happens once in a while when the kids have a day off of school, or they’re having a birthday party.

Indoor playgrounds can be expensive, but the one we find ourselves coming back to over and over, is Amazone. There’s something for every age of kid, and is even entertaining for that age where your tween might seem like they’re aging out a little, from the indoor playground.

We’ve got a bit of a way to have the fun, without the pull on your wallet – and that’s to make sure you’re following Amazone Playzone on Facebook or Twitter. It looks like the days when they’re having a special event, and closed for a small portion of the day, that there is free admission between 9:00 and 10:30 more than enough time to tire out your kiddos first thing in the morning!

On February 11, 9:00 am to 10:30 it’s one of those days. There is free admission to the indoor playground (don’t forget your socks).

Find the details, here.