Go Here: ‘Bee’ Playground in Lendrum

We’re always on the look for a new place to play, especially playgrounds that look like they’re fun through all seasons. The new ‘bee’ playground at Lendrum Community League is one of those playgrounds that’s perfect for fall and winter play, because of the fun beehive design.

It’s one of those playgrounds that you’re going to be able to use to maximize those snow days, using the bee hive structures to create snow tunnels and more.

We love a playground with the enhanced pretend play, with the storefront. It’s the perfect place to trade for ice cream, sand castles, creations and more. Children can play pretend, and learn the dynamics of buying and selling, while having a fantastic climbing structure.

If you’re searching for an easy way to run off energy after school, before bed, for the little ones, or a way to get out of the house and enjoy those fall days, you’ve got it – add ‘making a trip to the bee playground’ to your list of things to do in Edmonton this fall.

Find the ‘bee’ playground at Lendrum Community League,  11335 57 Avenue, in Edmonton.

Photo: Tim Adams 

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