Health Benefits of Trampoline Jumping for Adults

Is trampoline good exercise for adults? Well, turns out, you are not the only one asking. In fact, there are several articles discussing the benefits of trampoline jumping for adults, including long lists of benefits to convince how magical rebounding is. And while it truly is so, the main health benefits can be comprised into five main ones:

  • Heart health 
  • Improved strength
  • Improved balance
  • Weight management
  • Stress relief

Let’s dive deeper, shall we? 

Improves heart health in a joint-friendly way

Honestly, this is the biggest health benefit to trampoline jumping. Trampolining is first and foremost a cardio exercise. Expect to get your heart rate up! 

The true benefit however comes from the fact that rebounding is friendly to your joints as the bounce absorbs most of the shock on each bounce while you still increase the bone density safely. This is not the case with most cardio exercises; imagine the shock our joints experience when landing on a hard surface!

Improves strength

Cardio seems to be at the limelight when talking about the health benefits of rebounding. However, trampolining is more than suitable for strength training. More advanced trampoline workout routines tend to incorporate squats, core training as well as other muscle strengthening exercises done by either laying on the trampoline mat or using the rebounder as a support. 

Expect better balance

While you may need to put your mind into doing that cardio and strength training, better balance will definitely come as a bonus! The slightly unstable yet safe platform challenges you every single time you land your feet on the trampoline mat. Better balance is the key for avoiding injuries and feeling confident in your body.

Makes weight management easier

It has been said by many that exercise should be fun. This is especially true when you try to lose weight. Trampolining is not only fun, but it’s easy to start. No need to experience gym anxiety or thinking whether your fitness is enough. Working out at home on your trampoline for just 20 or 30 minutes a day is sure to break a sweat and help you with weight management, if that is your goal. Go for beginner trampoline workout tutorials online and move up to more challenging jumps once comfortable.

Acts as a stress reliever

Chances are, you are looking for bringing some of that spark in your life that kids have when they experience the bouncy feeling under their feet. Trampolining is the perfect way to release stress. After just a minute of rebounding, you are likely to have a smile on your face. Trampoline jumping releases happy hormones. So, opt for a fun workout instead of running on that treadmill again and again.

What kind of trampoline is suitable for adults?

Well, the easy answer is that any kind of trampoline is suitable for adults as long as they have a weight limit high enough for adult use. However, if you are looking for serious health benefits, opt for rebounders. Designed for workout and rebound purposes, these trampolines are perfect for improving your health and feeling better in your body.