Kids Can Learn to Snowshoe, Cook Outside at Free Drop-in Outdoor Play Sessions in Edmonton this Month

For the months of January and February, you’ll find your local Green Shack program hosting a Winter How To! As part of the program, kids can get active this winter and learn to kicksled, snowshoe, cook outdoors and so much more.

Get active and join in on games, sport, crafts, music, drama and special events! A complete list of activities and special events are posted on the side of Green Shacks each week. If there is a game or activity that peaks your child’s interest that you would like to have included in programming, just ask the Program Leader.

As part of the program at rotating local playgrounds, program leaders will be hosting a variety of games, challenges and activities that are sure to get kids active and having fun.

January 2020 Green Shack Schedule

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