Use This Map of Winter Fun in Edmonton to find Toboggan Hills, Winter Picnic Sites and More

When it comes to winter fun, our kids can use a little bit of a push to get outside. That’s why you’ll find us on the toboggan hill, in ski lessons, or lacing up skates during the winter months.

Winter City Edmonton and Child Friendly Edmonton have created a map that will enable you to find all of those winter hotspots to encourage your own children to get outside. 

Although the temperature may drop during winter, children’s activity levels don’t! Use this map to find a variety of child-friendly activities to do across the city. Everywhere you look, Edmonton has indoor and outdoor activities that will help you make the most of winter, and keep your kids active!

What kind of places will you find on the map? 

  • Arenas 
  • Attractions
  • Community Programs
  • Toboggan hills
  • Ice Rinks 
  • Winter Pavillions
  • Winter Ice Rinks
  • Snowshoeing 
  • Playgrounds 

Visit the Edmonton Winter Fun Map