Mongolie Grill: New Flat Rate and Kids Bowls Priced by Age #yeg

Mongolie Grill has always been a top choice for the kids when it comes to dinner out. There’s something about choosing your own vegetables, meat and sauces and watching stir-fried dishes get cooked in front of you. From the time that the kids had to be held in arms to see the ingredients, to now, when they’re choosing their own ingredients, it’s an easy dinner.

The easy dinner though, that’s yummy when you perfect the combination of sauces, comes with a bit of a hefty price tags for adult bowls filled, costing easily upwards of $30.

The new flat rate has eliminated the sticker shock of the bowls. For dinner, bowls are $22.99 and for lunch, bowls are $15.99. If you’re bringing the kids along, bowls are priced according to their age – making it very affordable when you consider the price of kids meals.

Included is the usual rice or noodles, mushu wraps and soup. There’s always leftovers to bring home from the kids dishes (which look to be the size of the lunch size bowls), giving you quite a good value when it comes to the meal cost.

Mongolie Grill Menu Edmonton

So? How’s the food? Great – but that’s up to you. If you’re adventurous with your sauces, know which sauces pair well together – you’re likely going to have a good experience. We know what we like, but for the kids, we try to get something new every single time. We like to encourage them to try new flavours, new ingredients and something different than the usual bowl full of broccoli the kids end up with at the end of the ingredient buffet.

As a bonus, it’s usually pretty quick. Go for an early or late dinner, avoiding around 6pm and we’re usually in and out within the hour, full bellies and leftovers to bring home to warm up for lunch the next day.

Save | Mongolie Grill has frequent Groupon Deals. The latest one that we used was a $20 cost for $35 worth of food. It saved the price of almost a full adult meal off of our bill.

Find Mongolie Grill Edmonton at 10104 109 Street and 3345 Calgary Trail.