New Parents – Here’s Why You Should Register at buybuy Baby

Registering as a new parent can be confusing – I mean, if you’re like us, you walked into the store and had so many questions. Is there a difference between boy diapers and girl diapers? How many diapers did you need? Did we really need to have a machine to make formula and bottles like an expensive coffee maker? How many hats did we really need to buy?

When we were registering for gifts, the first time around, there wasn’t a buybuy Baby location in Edmonton. We couldn’t walk into a store and be greeted with experts that were armed with a list of the ‘must have’ items, the top recommended parent items and a questionnaire to help choose baby registry items based on your specific lifestyle.

What are some of the perks of creating a baby registry at buybuy Baby?

  • Create your registry in-store and even online. For first time parents, we highly recommend making an appointment with the in-store registry team.
  • gift for registering for the baby registry. You’ll find a package with a custom storybook, bottle, samples and coupons to save money on products you’re going to use
  • The completion discount. Register for items that you need, and maybe a few splurge items that you want. You can use the completion discount, the 15% discount for unpurchase items on your registry, to purchase these items after the fact.
  • The referral credits. Each friend or each one who registers with buybuy Baby, gets you rewards you can use in-store. For every friend who registers, you’ll receive a $25 off of $100 coupon when you shop in-store.


The in-store Registry Consultants at buybuy Baby are happy to answer questions and help you shop for everything you need to welcome your baby home. We met with experts in the store to walk through the registry experience, learning about the entire process – and it made me realize how valuable that would have been the first time around.

As parents three times over, and again in the future, I wanted to share some of my must-have items for the registry – things that we bought the first time around, actually used, and used again, for more kids. Here are some of our favourite registry items you can find at buybuy Baby.

  • Softest, softest one piece pyjamas. Infants live in pyjamas. The moment I found out we were expecting a girl, the first time around, I bought so many pairs of shoes. Ridiculous, for feet that didn’t walk. Instead, I should have stocked up on the softest one-piece outfits for infants. Our favourites? Burts Bees Baby and Rosie Pope, both of which we spotted at our local buybuy Baby store.
  • Muslin swaddle blankets. These oversized blankets not only give you enough room to swaddle, but they get better and better with every single wash. It’s true! When infants outgrow swaddling they’re an incredible lightweight shade from the sun, a stroller blanket, a nap blanket, and yes, even to wipe noses in a pinch.
  • Daydream Blankets. A little larger than a swaddle, and a little thicker for colder nights in bed, colder days in the stroller, or a blanket that’s going to last through an entire childhood, these blankets come in many gorgeous patterns and last ages.
  • The big stuff. Strollers, carseats, cribs, rockers – the price of these baby gadgets can add up quickly and adding them to the registry doesn’t mean that one person has to foot the bill for the expensive baby items – we’ve had family members arrange to split up these higher priced items, making for a flexible and easy gift for family members wishing to gift something from the registry.

For me, the baby registry was a checklist, a gauge of how ‘prepared’ we were before the baby arrived. Having it in one place where we could easily check off thing s from the app, website or in-store is an incredible resource for new parents, and it’s all included in your baby registry experience at buybuy Baby.

The best part? You can book your appointment online. It’s easy! Just pop on over to the website, and choose the store closest to you.