New! Rolled Ice Cream and Cake for Breakfast: 5 Delicious Treats You’ve got to Try in Edmonton Right Now

Five Delicious Treats You’ve got to try with the kids in Edmonton

Rebel | Cake for Breakfast
When cake for breakfast is on the menu, you can’t go to Rebel without giving it a try, right? The yummy confetti cake with the classic whipped vanilla icing is served with a  glass of milk and a dusting of fruit loops. The portion size is huge, and would easily serve all three of our kids – give it a try the next time you’re at Rebel.
Find it at: 9112 142 St NW

Rollies YEG | Rolled Ice Cream
The latest ice cream shop to open in Edmonton, Rollies is bringing everything you love about ice cream together in one place: delicious toppings, rolled ice cream dishes that are packed with flavour. Plus, it’s open late so if you’re searching for a late night treat, you’ve found it.
Find it at: Groat Rd NW & 111Ave NW

Ohana Donuterie | Cereal Doughnuts
Through the month of March, you’ll find delicious cereal flavoured doughnuts at Ohana. They’re the gorgeous blend of their traditional doughnuts, glazed with vanilla and topped with your favourite kinds of cereal. Try the foursome this month, while they’re in-store, and get switched up for next month.
Find it at: 10347 80 Ave

Woodrack Cafe | Chocolate Dipped Waffles
There’s something delicious about waffles to start your day, but that gets even better when those waffles are dipped in chocolate. Stop by Woodrack cafe with the kids and get chocolate dipped waffles for a treat on the weekend, they’re perfectly crisp on the outside, and fluffy on the inside, and you might just want to get one for yourself.
Find it at: 7603 109 Street

SQUISH | Candy Store
With over 100+ types of gummies and delicious candy options for kids (and even for adults) you’re going to want to check out SQUISH at Southgate Centre. It’s a bit on the splurge side, but there are gummy candy options you’ve likely never experienced before.