Owls Nest, Urban ‘Hoodoos’ and Creeks on Whitemud Creek Trail

We’ve been to the aerial park at Snow Valley many, many times – and yet, we didn’t know about Whitemud Creek Trail, a hidden gem of a trail in Edmonton tucked away on the left hand side of the parking lot of the Aerial Park at Snow Valley.

Whitemud Creek Trail is a 6.3 kilometer, popular trafficked out and back trail that highlights the ‘urban hoodoos’ with plenty of places for adventurous kids to climb.

On the trail, you can enjoy wildlife like an owl’s nest (about a third of the way into the trail), beavers and ducks in the creek, birds and more. The trail is easy enough for a toddler to trek on, and could be stroller friendly if you’ve got a rugged stroller, but still exciting enough for tweens and adults to run through and enjoy.

There are plenty of places to sit and rest, with rocks and benches to choose from when you’re sitting and enjoying the scenes of nature, looking for wildlife, or having a snack.

Don’t forget the water! The trail is quite long for little children, so if you make it to the end you might just want to bring water and snacks. Also, mosquito repellant – when you hit the point where you can see the owl viewing nest, you’re going to be right in the woods. Mosquito repellant is going to come in handy!

How to get there: Park at the Aerial Park at Snow Valley. To the left of the parking lot, there’s a trail that starts towards a bridge, like the one above.

Find Snow Valley Aerial Park at 119 Whitemud Dr NW, Edmonton, Alberta.