There’s a New Calgary Zoo Bugtopia Playground Opens on June 26

In the Brawn Family Foundation Bugtopia Playground, you’ll step across the bridge into a world of the flying and fuzzy. The slimy and the squishy and the beautiful and buzzy world of bugs. Through play, kids will learn more about these vitally important creatures in our ecosystem.

Designed with play opportunities to immerse children in the world of bugs, the playground will include climbing, swinging and sliding invitations to play.

Opening June 26th and included in zoo admission, the playground will have sanitation procedures in place for children visiting the playground.

Did you know?

  • Bugs are an incredibly successful group of animals. The key to their success is their diversity – a diversity of size, behavior, habitat, movement, appearance, survival strategies and ecosystem roles.

  • Bugs form a key part of the food chain. They provide food for other animals including mammals, birds, bats, amphibians, and fish. They’re pollinators and decomposers.

  • We’ll be better prepared to live sustainable lives when we spend time learning and observing nature’s strategies that have been tested over millions of years.

Visiting Calgary Zoo in 2020

As the Calgary zoo welcomes you back into the space, it’s important for your visit to safe. Indoor and outdoor viewing is open at Calgary Zoo.  When you visit, tickets must be reserved and purchased in advance, to ensure that capacities are kept to a minimum while visiting the zoo.

Have you ever wanted to experience the zoo, in a slower, less-filled way? That might just be the bright and silver lining to visiting this summer during COVID19.

Admission to the zoo is $29.95 for adults, and $19.95 for children. If you plan on visiting more than twice in one year, the annual pass provides an incredible value (and perks) for families (even if you’re from out of town!)

Reserve tickets for the Calgary Zoo