There’s a New Netflix Feature That Lets Your Kids (Or You) Binge with Friends During Social Distancing

There’s a brand new Netflix feature that let’s you catch up with friends over popcorn and a movie, even while you’re social distancing. The new Chrome-browser, add-on, dubbed Netflix Party brings the social aspect back into the movie, even while the Coronavirus is causing us to embrace social distancing.

Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online. Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to your favorite Netflix shows. Join over 500,000 people and use Netflix Party to link up with friends and host long distance movie nights and TV watch parties today!

Note: You’ll have to watch Netflix using Chrome, as this is a browser add-on, but the feature will allow up to six friends sync up and catch the movie together, using a specialized link.

To use the feature, load up Netflix, click on ‘Create Party‘ and you’re ready to, well, social-distance-party.

During the movie, you can even use the chat to snark on the movie, catch up on life, or spoil it for your friends.

Who’s choosing the first movie, guys?