Chelsea: The Best Team in the World?

The Premier League has been the home of the world’s best players and teams for several years now. With players like Messi, Neymar, Harry Kane, and Alexis Sanchez playing in Europe during the peak of their careers, it’s no surprise that we see so much quality every week. On top of that, there are also managers such as Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp competing at the top level. It’s because of these reasons that many people believe we haven’t seen anything yet when it comes to this league. And with all due respect to Antonio Conte and his team, we might be right about them being the best team in the world right now. Let us explain why.

Why is Chelsea currently the best team in the world?

In truth, there are a number of reasons that Chelsea is currently the best team in the world. From their formation and playing style to their current league standing and the players being used, there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to this team. The one thing that should stand out the most is that they are the best team because they have proved it on the pitch.

There have been many teams and players that have been touted as the best in the world over the years, but very few of them have actually gone out and proven it. This Chelsea team has proven it, and we have no doubt that they will continue to prove it as the season continues. There is no doubt that this Premier League season is going to be exciting as it is looking like we could have the new best team in the world come to the end of it. Click here to know more.

Chelsea is an iconic club with rich history

An iconic team with a long history is Chelsea FC. Some of the greatest players in the world have called the club, which has been operating for more than 100 years, home, including John Terry, Didier Drogba, and Eden Hazard. In terms of football, Chelsea is a true worldwide giant.

Chelsea has a world-class aquad

There are several elite players on Chelsea’s roster. Star players like Kai Harvertz, N’Golo Kante, and Jorginho are in their starting lineup. Trevoh Chalobah and Conor Gallagher are just two of the great players they have on the substitutes’ bench.

Formation and playing style

The formation and playing style of a team is an indication of how they like to attack and defend. It is what separates good teams from great teams, and we can see that with Chelsea. They are currently playing with a formation of 3-5-2, with a back three consisting of David Luiz, Antonio Rudiger, and Gary Cahill. And although they have also used a back four during the course of the season, the three-man back-line seems to be working very well for them.

With the wing-backs being Marcos Alonso and either Victor Moses or Emerson, it is allowing their center-backs to be more aggressive and create more attacking options for their forwards. They also have a very attacking midfielder in N’Golo Kante and an attacking threat from Eden Hazard and Willian. This is a team that is extremely versatile, and even though they do have a number of key players, it’s easy for them to adjust if someone goes down with an injury.

Passionate Fans make Chelsea the best team

Similar to those who enjoy NBA selections and parlays, some of Chelsea’s supporters are among the most ardent in the entire globe. They energize the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge and consistently support their team no matter what.

The current Premier League champions have an unfair advantage

Players being out for long periods of time isn’t just a problem that Chelsea has to contend with. It is a problem that every team has to deal with at some point, and we have seen that with teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. They have been without their best players for a long period of time, and it hasn’t seemed to affect their performance on the pitch. But, as is only right and fair, it is an advantage for Chelsea as they have been able to keep most of their best players fit.

There are a few players who have been out for a while, but they are few and far between. This Premier League champion has very few weaknesses, and that is because they have been able to keep their best players on the pitch. This is something that other teams haven’t been able to do, and it has given Chelsea a massive advantage.


Chelsea is currently the best team in the world, and there is a lot to suggest that we won’t see another team take their spot anytime soon. The team has a very attacking formation and style of play, which allows them to be versatile in many different situations. They also have a massive advantage as the current Premier League champions. And with the players that are on their roster, there is no doubt that we are going to see this team in the finals of the Champions League soon.