6 Health Benefits of Cannabis That Everyone Should Know

Cannabis is a controversial plant. Some people say that it’s dangerous, and others say that it’s harmless. However, people’s opinions about Cannabis don’t really mean anything, since hard scientific research has shown the plant has myriad health benefits, and can actually be used to treat some diseases, like epilepsy.

If you are planning on trying Cannabis out (but want to know what benefits you will derive from the plant’s use first) then you are in the right place. Here are six health benefits of Cannabis that you and everybody that doubts the plant’s efficacy as a healthcare treatment should know about.

Reduced Anxiety

One of the main benefits of Cannabis is that it can be used to fight anxiety. Anxiety is a mental health condition that affects the lives of millions of Americans and many millions more around the world. It is commonly prescribed by doctors to treat anxiety. It should be noted, certain marijuana strains are better for treating anxiety than others. Some research shows that certain strains (usually those high in THC) can actually be bad for people’s mental health and be the catalyst for panic attacks. If you suffer from anxiety and want to start using Cannabis to treat it, then try to find high CBD strains. Strains high in CBD are more therapeutic and can be better for helping people to work through their problems and manage their symptoms.

Combatting Depression

Depression is another mental health disorder that’s widespread in the United States. Unfortunately, the main treatment for depression is SSRI drugs. SSRI drugs can have nasty side effects, which is why they’re falling out of favor with a lot of people suffering from the condition. Fortunately, Cannabis can be used to effectively treat and overcome depression. Again, some strains are better than others. High THC strains are better for fighting depression because they tend to produce a more giggly, laughy, bubbly high. However, you should speak to your doctor first before you start treating yourself with Cannabis, especially if you take pharmaceuticals to treat your depression already.

Pain Relief

Certain Cannabis products have been said by scientists to be just as effective at pain relief as codeine, a powerful pharmaceutical analgesic. If you suffer from chronic pain (or have just injured yourself) then Cannabis can help you. Again, you should speak to your doctor about your condition or injuries first before you begin self-medicating with Cannabis. If you live in a state where medicinal Cannabis is legalized, your doctor might even be able to prescribe the plant to you. If you are disabled and suffer from chronic pain, you may not even have to pay for your prescription.

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Fighting Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be a very hard condition to live with. It is characterized by frequent seizures. In many places, Cannabis is being used as a treatment for epilepsy. In the United Kingdom, a country where Cannabis is still criminalized, and possession is an arrestable offense, the plant is used to treat epileptics and, in some special cases, can be prescribed to treat conditions like anxiety. However, more often than not, CBD oils high in THC are used to treat epilepsy, not the Cannabis plant itself. This is because oils tend to be more effective and do not produce so much of a high.

Feeling Confident

Confidence is an issue for a lot of people. Having a lack of confidence can make it extremely difficult to live one’s life. If you are not confident, then you will not be able to go out, socialize, and enjoy yourself. Thankfully, Cannabis can be used to effectively restore confidence in even the most unconfident people. This is in part due to the fact that Cannabis helps people to forget about their problems and focus more on the moment. If your lack of confidence is caused by anxiety, avoid high-THC strains.

Better Sleep

Finally, Cannabis can help to improve people’s sleep. Not getting enough sleep can make living one’s life extremely difficult. You need good sleep to be able to function and perform in daily life. Cannabis can be an effective way of getting a good night’s rest, no matter what’s stopping you from sleeping. High THC strains are good for getting sleep because they tend to cause you to crash a lot harder. Make sure not to fill yourself up on junk food before going to bed (as is common among Cannabis users).

Cannabis is a very effective way of restoring confidence, fighting anxiety, and dealing with myriad other health conditions. If you are interested in taking up its use, then first make sure that it’s legal where you live. If you begin using it illegally, you could potentially get into a lot of trouble.