Visit a Jewelry Store in Southlake, TX and Find Out How Long Does it Take to Lab Grow a Diamond?

Lab diamonds are now getting popular in the market. Since the demands for them are increasing, they are the best alternative to naturally mined diamonds. They have the same properties and it’s hard to tell the differences between lab-grown diamonds and naturally mined diamonds. Jewelry stores in Southlake, TX

How Long Does A Lab Grown Diamond Take To Make?

Lab-grown diamonds can be created within 6 to 10 weeks depending on the size of the diamond. That’s why they are more sustainable than that of the naturally mined diamonds because they can be created in a short period compared with the billions of years that natural diamonds have to be formed under the earth. 

Pros of lab-grown diamonds

Lab Grown Diamond’s Quality is Improved

Unlike natural diamonds, lab grain diamonds are not exposed to dirt that can create impurities in the diamond. Therefore it makes lab-grown diamonds since they are placed under controlled conditions during their creation. It makes them pure, brighter, and whiter. 

Lab-grown Diamonds Origin is Guaranteed 

Buying natural diamonds can be questionable if the source is not revealed but with lab-grown diamonds, you are 100% sure about the source since it is created in a laboratory. This way you can be guilt-free about where your diamond comes from. 

Lab diamonds are more affordable

The prices of lab-grown diamonds are almost 50% cheaper than natural diamonds. They are cheaper since they are created in a shorter period and the effort to get them is not as much as natural diamonds. Another good thing about lab diamonds is they come in a variety of colors. Colored natural diamonds cost an arm and a leg and they are very rare, so if you want a colored diamond, lab diamonds can be your best choice. 

Will a lab-grown diamond test be real?

The tagged lab-grown diamonds are fake but they are not. Since they have the same properties as natural diamonds it is so hard to tell which is which. So several tests are done to know if they are lab diamonds or not. However, it can still be tricky since some tests can still get you confused since lab-grown diamonds may test as real diamonds. 

How long do lab-grown diamonds last?

Just like natural diamonds they can last forever too. As the saying goes, diamonds are forever. Due to their composition, they are meanest to last long as they are as hard and durable as natural diamonds. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Lab Grown Diamonds

How do you grow a lab diamond?

Lab diamonds are grown in several ways and each method imitates the ways real diamonds are made here are the most common method:

  • High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)

In this method, the pressure is set to approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch and under the temperature of 2,700 Fahrenheit. The diamond seed is placed on a carbon piece and paced o a belt press or cubic press to create a lab diamond.

  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

The diamond is placed in a sealed chamber heated to 1,400 Fahrenheit and filled with carbon-rich gases. In this process, the molecular bonds of gases are broken down to pure carbon and then stick to the seed forming a new diamond. 

Is lab diamond real diamond?

Yes they are, the only difference is the way they are made but they are considered real diamonds because they are made of carbon just like natural diamonds. 

Are lab diamonds flawless?

Lab diamonds may have lesser inclusions compared with natural diamonds but along the process, inclusions can be formed too. 

How to Find the Best Place to buy Lab-Created Diamonds in Southlake


Check on several diamond stores in Southlake by checking the internet this way you can locate them and check on their online platforms, then make a schedule to visit their physical store. Checking on the diamonds up close can give you more motivation on who among them sells the best diamond. 

Know more About the Diamond Seller 

Researching the background of the diamond seller can come in handy in choosing whom to buy your diamonds from. So read more about the diamond seller or ask for recommendations from people you know to get direct feedback about them and their products as well. 

Visit a jewelry store in Southlake, TX, and find out how long does it take to lab grow a diamond? To know more about the advantages of lab-grown diamonds and know why they are still a good buy.