Why an Electric Scooter Might Be the Best Choice for a Student

Choosing a vehicle for comfortable movement around the city, each student analyzes what is better and why. In this article, we are studying the best electric scooters, which are gaining popularity all over the world. At first, many treated them as something fun, but over the years, scooters proved their reliability. In fact, they have plenty of advantages, so without further ado, let’s figure them out together!


Perhaps the main standard for students is the vehicle’s price. First of all, you can save on the purchase itself – just choose a model of good quality. Second, you don’t need to spend money on public transport, petrol, car service, or insurance. Just charge the scooter’s battery after 4-6 hours of activity and move around at any time of the day!

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The electric scooter can be used both by adults and children, advanced riders, and beginners with no skills. Basically, everyone is capable of mastering this vehicle in 1 day. In addition, you don’t require a driver’s license.


The scooter is characterized by increased stability on the road: it is very difficult to fall off it even if you have zero experience. In addition, there are three-wheeled models that overcome steep hills and uneven road surfaces. 


Scooters can go where cars, motorcycles, or mopeds can’t due to their sizes or traffic rules. Thus, it frees you from waiting in traffic jams. You can drive these vehicles even when there are potholes or little snow. Plus, narrow streets and obstacles won’t be a problem for you. Yes, scooters are not as fast as cars, but still, they are much faster than pedestrians. And with them, you will definitely not be late for classes due to endless traffic jams.

Ease Of Use

Electric scooters aren’t big, especially folding models. Therefore, one can store them in a small closet, transport them in the trunk, or just in your hands when on the subway. By the way, you should only wash the wheels and body from time to time, lubricate moving parts, and charge the battery.


Scooters differ in many criteria:

  • Electric motor power and size;
  • Number and type of wheels;
  • The kind of depreciation and battery.

Some also have a seat. Surely, the ergonomic saddle reduces stress on the back and legs. But models without a seat are perfect if you feel comfortable when standing on the move. 

By the way, sometimes the steering rack can be adjusted in height, which allows you to have a better experience. As for the model, if it’s wide and long, the scooter can be used by two people simultaneously.  


It seems that the main advantage of an electric scooter is its environmental friendliness. It doesn’t pollute the air with exhaust fumes and is almost silent. Of course, we follow many rules to reduce the carbon footprint, and maybe using a scooter will become your new one. Considering how serious today’s environmental problems are, we can expect electric scooters to become much more popular.

Large Power Reserve

Did you know that even an average electric scooter can travel about 30 kilometers without recharging? Some scooters can’t overcome such distances, which makes them more of a hobby than a reliable vehicle. Therefore, if you need it for practical everyday use, go for a model with a range of at least 20 km. 

For the average user who just wants to get to school and back without problems, and range from 30 to 50 km will do. And this already applies to most great models.

Improving Technology

The world is evolving at an incredible pace. Now, we can turn on the coffee machine without even being home. Learning is becoming more personalized thanks to technology, and robots will soon inhabit every house. And one of these rapidly developing industries is transport!

Electric scooters are a growing trend, and technology is improving quite fast. Since manufacturers keep pace with our demands, they strive to be leaders among their competitors. Thus, there are many brands producing amazing electric scooters at very affordable prices. While competition lowers prices, it also encourages innovation.

As manufacturers try to outsmart each other with cooler features, consumers win by buying the best quality scooters in terms of range and power.


Electric scooters are a recognized means of transport worldwide for a good yet simple reason – they are reliable. Most of the popular models will last for many years without breakdowns and will quickly deliver you to your destination. 

Manufacturers recommend riding scooters only on a flat, smooth surface, preferably on asphalt or pavement. However, city roads are often covered with holes, bumps, and other obstacles. Luckily, scooters with pneumatic tires or suspensions easily overcome them. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/v5kSQq-6HZQ

Flip Side Of The Coin

Nothing is perfect, and despite the abundance of advantages, electric scooters still have minuses. And of course, you should be aware of them:

  • Weight. For some of us, scooters are hard to carry. The average weight is 12-20 kg which is a lot to lift up the stairs.
  • Reduced engine power. With a load of more than 80 kg, the scooter is unlikely to go uphill.
  • Restrictions on the seasons. The best time to ride a scooter is spring, summer, and early autumn. Driving in the rain isn’t recommended. If the motor wheel is immersed in water for more than a third, a short circuit may occur. Plus, you will end up completely wet. In winter, it is complicated to move around due to ice and snow, and besides, it is impossible to use an electric scooter in severe frosts.
  • Small capacity. If you need to travel with a lot of bags, then an electric scooter might not work.
  • High repairs cost. Once the warranty service period is over, all work won’t be cheap.

To Wrap It Up

So, we’ve analyzed all the pros and cons and came to the conclusion that with the right approach, everything will be fine. Of course, it is recommended not to overload the vehicle and not drive it in the bad weather. And then, this inexpensive, fast and maneuverable invention will become your best friend! We guarantee that you will quickly get used to the scooter and will no longer be able to imagine your daily routine without it.