6 Outdoor Activities To Rewind After a Hard Week in College

The time spent in college is one of the most stressful times of our lives. With unending assignments and curricular activities to keep up with, it’s evident that college wasn’t built with your relaxation in mind. Sure, you can use a college essay writing service to handle your assignments, but you’re still stuck with other college activities.

So, What Can Be Done?

We understand the stress that comes with being a college student. Nobody can replace you when it comes to handling your college activities. The most you can do is to rest after each activity or get involved in a pastime to unwind. Below is a list of outdoor activities you can do to help with college midterm stress release:

Aerobic Exercises

One of the most effective ways to deal with stress is by exercising. Aerobic exercise is good for your brain and your heart. You may wonder how a physical activity that requires so much work can be relaxing. Exercising reduces adrenaline and cortisol levels, which are the body’s stress hormones, while stimulating endorphin secretion in the brain to relieve pain naturally.

Aerobic exercises are exhilarating and relaxing. Since exercising aids the production of endorphins, it brings about the “runner’s high” effect, a potent mood elevator. So whether you decide to hit the gym, attend a yoga class, or jog, exercising will help you ease tension and unwind.

Hanging Out With Friends

Sometimes, all you need to relax after a stressful week at school is to be around the people you care about. So plan a picnic with your friends or go shopping with them. You can organize fun college activities if you live on campus or visit parts of the school that you usually don’t.

Hanging out with friends can make you feel included and desirable. It is a potent elixir for the repetitive student life that you have. And when you take time out to laugh with pals, it creates memories in your heart that can keep you going in tough times.

Road trips

Apart from college activities, the environment can play tricks on your mind. It can be mentally draining to be in one area for too long. So, hit the road and check out new places this weekend. Go to a new city and spend a few nights there. You may end up having much more fun on the road to your destination than at the place itself, especially if you travel with friends. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by schoolwork, plan a weekend road trip and bring your buddies along.


Camping is a great way to escape the city stress and take in the beauty of nature around you. It is also one of the many college campus event ideas you can organize with your friends. You can plan stress management group activities with your friends and other like-minded people. On specified days, go out into the woods and enjoy each other’s company. And if you are scared of wild animals, plan for security measures to ensure that you have an exciting time appreciating the beauty of nature around you.

Outdoor Games

There are various stress relief games for adults. Even if you are an introvert, it is sometimes fun to do things with other people. Perpetually keeping to yourself can be harmful to your mental health; that is why we advise that you play group games. You can play capture the flag, hopscotch, or other games that allow you to collaborate with others and strategize.

Playing outdoor games will help you relax while keeping you mentally alert. Spending time competing with friends can increase your energy levels and make you feel focused. It also promotes creative thinking.


If you love the fresh smell of the ocean or feel energized when the sea breeze whistles through your hair, paddleboarding may be your thing. It is one of the most relaxing outdoor activities for you to try out. Paddleboarding is a mixture of surfing and canoeing; you stand (or lie) on a board and row across water bodies using your hands or paddles. This activity is one of the most exciting on our list because it relaxes you mentally while the water cools your body. Just find a lake that you can paddleboard on, or rent a board and have safe fun with your friends.

As a college student, constantly working without unwinding will force you into a mental and physical breakdown. You need to relax to regain your energy to successfully face the challenges that will come up later in the future. We’ve discussed some of the most effective ways to unwind after school, so go out and have a great time this weekend based on our suggestions.