24 Catering Ideas for Your Office Staff

24 Catering Ideas for Your Office Staff

Keeping your team happy is central to your success as a business owner or office manager. When your workers are content in their roles, they will work harder, increasing productivity and efficiency.

The question is, how can you keep your staff motivated and happy? This is a challenge that almost every office manager faces.

One of the most effective ways to attain a high degree of employee satisfaction is by providing your staff with top-quality catering services.

How Does Catering Improve Employee Satisfaction and Company Success?

Nowadays, job seekers and employees are searching for companies that genuinely care about them.

With a great selection of catering options, your staff will feel comfortable and cared for in your office, and this can significantly reduce staff turnover. You can keep your best employees and build a team that enables your business to thrive. This will, in turn, reduce your expenses and maximize your profits.

24 Office Catering Ideas for Your Business

If you’re struggling to think of exciting and delicious catering ideas that align with your employees’ dietary needs and preferences, look no further!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 24 catering ideas to serve your in-office staff members. We’ve split these ideas into categories (meat, vegetarian and vegan, and fish and seafood) to make your decision easier.

Of course, you can always adapt the following suggestions to cater to your team’s unique needs and provide the best catering services possible.

Meat-based catering ideas

For the meat eaters in your office, consider serving the following dishes as part of your catering options:

Hunter’s Chicken

  1. A5 wagyu beef wellington bites
  2. Chicken noodle soup
  3. Sandwiches with deli meats
  4. Chicken pasta salad
  5. Beef wellington
  6. Roast turkey
  7. Beef madras curry

Vegetarian and vegan catering ideas

You probably have some non-meat eaters in your office and it’s important to cater to their needs too! Here are some popular vegetarian and vegan dishes to serve for your office staff:

  1. Sandwiches with cheese
  2. Avocado on toast
  3. Vegetable pasta salad
  4. Margarita pizza
  5. Sweet potato or chickpea curry
  6. Vegetable burritos
  7. Fried tofu
  8. Cheese sliders

Fish and seafood catering ideas

There’s no doubt that you’ll also have a few seafood lovers in your cohort of staff. If you’re searching for some delicious fish and seafood-based dishes for your catering services, give these options a go:

  1. Sushi
  2. Lemon salmon
  3. Fish tacos
  4. Shrimp pasta salad
  5. Seafood poke bowls
  6. Seafood paella
  7. Sandwiches with tuna and sweet corn
  8. Crispy seaweed with peanut satay sauce

If you’re still unsure which catering options are the best for your cohort of staff, consider surveying to get their suggestions. This way, you can make sure that you are catering to everybody’s dietary requirements and preferences.