5 Edmonton Area Zipline Playgrounds You’ve Got to Add to Your Summer Adventures

There’s something exciting about a zipline at a playground, it adds a sense of adventure. For that reason, we wanted to share some of our favourite Edmonton Zipline Playgrounds in the city, to add to your own summer adventures.

Meadowview Playground | LEDUC
The dinosaur playground is a fast favourite to kids in the area, on the smaller side, but the fantastic dinosaur theme makes up for the size. It’s one of our original ‘Zipline playground in Edmonton’ favourites. Find it at Meadowview Drive in Leduc.

Crestwood Community Playground | 14325 96 Ave NW
There are two ziplines to explore at Crestwood Community Playground, and this playground is in our top three for best playgrounds in Edmonton. One of the ziplines is a traditional design, with the disc swing, and the other is an accessible design with a chair, that’s also great for little kids.

Andy’s Playground | 8700 84 Street (Fort Saskatchewan)
Your kids are going to love the Zipline, but there’s so much else to explore at Andy’s Playground in Fort Saskatchewan. The curly slides, and the climbing structures are a favourite for the kids waiting at the ball diamond!

Florence Hallock School Playground | 16437 87 St
The original in the city Zipline playground, this one has a long zipline for kids to play on – but go during off hours because this is one of the busiest playgrounds in the neighbourhood.

Stony Plain Rotary Playground | Stony Plain
Located outside the city, this brand new playground is worth the trek because it’s got a fun Zipline that spans across the playground, and a play space that has something for kids of all ages.

Where are your favourite playgrounds with Ziplines in Edmonton?

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