6 Spotify Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Premium Account

Spotify is the go-to music application for the majority of people nowadays, and if you purchase the premium account there are many options you can utilize, but that can go to waste if you aren’t familiar with the application. 

For anything you purchase, you want to get the most of your money, but how do you do so with this application.

Here are 6 ways to make the most of your Spotify premium account and get the most bang for your buck.

Up to 3 Devices Can Listen Offline

While the Spotify premium family plan allows for different accounts to stream all at once, individual Spotify accounts do not. However, you can download music for offline use on up to 5 devices, and up to 10,000 songs.

This means you can be streaming on your phone, but playing downloaded offline music on another device, for example an ipad connected to a bluetooth speaker. While the streaming service is individual per account, the downloads are not. Make sure you take the time to download your library onto your devices, and you will see the benefits of being able to do so.

You can have your library available on your devices and can stream on the one you are actively using. While you can stream on more than one device, you can at least have access to your library on all devices.

Less of a Wait for New Releases

Instead of looking for the best place to buy Spotify plays, followers and streams if you choose the Spotify Premium service, it will benefit you in many ways. The Spotify Premium account lets you listen to new releases sooner than the free users.New releases are limited and sometimes the full albums are not available for a couple of weeks. With your Spotify Premium account, you can access new releases from various artists faster than other streaming platforms, giving you the newest music faster than most.

This is one of the best features on Spotify, as it means you get to listen to new music before other streaming platforms, and Spotify has a direct contract with certain artists to only release music first on Spotify, ensuring you will be getting the newest music, first.

Unlimited Skipping

While streaming music on Spotify, the number of songs you can skip is limited for free users, but premium users have the benefit of skipping unlimited songs, giving you the most bang for your buck. As seen at playliststreams.com/top-10-spotify-playlist/, if you are listening to playlists, and want to skip through to hear the other songs, you can do so with your premium account. Unlimited skip is a great feature, so definitely take advantage of it when browsing new music.

It should be noted this is mainly beneficial for mobile usage, as it doesn’t affect computer accounts.

Play Any Song, Anytime, and Avoid Shuffle Only Mode

A great feature of Spotify Premium is that you will be able to play any song you want, at any time, without having to wait for it to shuffle through. There are only certain playlists with the free option that allows you to choose the song, otherwise, you have to shuffle through songs and may not enjoy the ones played. Utilizing your Spotify premium account to avoid shuffle mode is a great way to optimize your usage of the Spotify Premium account.

The only problem you may encounter is blocking an application or particular songs in some regions. But even in this case, there is a quick and easy solution, you can use a VPN to unblock all sites and provide free access to music. In addition, a VPN will not only give you access to the content you want but also ensure the cybersecurity of your data.

Add Your Music to Your Playlists

Spotify Premium allows you to add your music from your library as a source, meaning you can blend the music you currently have and the music available on Spotify. There is an option to include music from different sources into your library, and in this way you can maximize not only your Spotify account but the music you currently have, blending both and leading to a great listening experience.

Weekly Discovery Playlists

Your Spotify account lets you listen to specially made playlists for new music. Every week there is new music released, and Spotify conveniently adds all of these into a playlist to help you discover the newest music you might not encounter on your own. This is a great feature that will help you to find and enjoy new music, and give you a preselected playlist that you don’t have to build yourself.

There are many more reasons for a Spotify Premium account, and many more features that you will benefit from. The main thing is to ensure you are maximizing your account usage, utilizing all the features, and making the most of the money.

Spotify Premium has many different ways that it benefits you, from music quality to blending your music, you can make the most of your money, and maximize your enjoyment and user happiness of the application.