Edmonton Playground Review: Borden Park #yeg

IMG_1745Borden Park, close to Northlands, is one of the best playgrounds in the city. The fun treehouse, shaded areas, swing sets and the up-down climbing structure makes it one of those playgrounds the kids are going to request to go to over and over again. Don’t worry about the sand, there is wood chips through the surface of the park and easy accessed paved paths throughout the playground space. The center of the treehouse is the kids favorite part, where they can climb the ladder inside and pop their head up into the second level of the treehouse.


When you’re finished playing in the playground, you can walk or bike the path ways through Borden park and have a look at the sculptures in the area or have a look at the fountain (one of our favorite places to picnic during the summer months). The kids love searching for the sculptures, racing through the park to them, and pointing them out to us. With more than 100 years of history through Borden Park, it’s one of those parks you have to make it to at least once through the summer months in Edmonton.


As with many of the places to picnic in the city, there are shelters that can be rented. These are in close proxomity to the playground and would make for a fantastic spot for a summer birthday party. The formal gardens and fountains, with easy seating, make it one of our favorite spots to capture some formal photographs of the kids, or have a lovely warm weather picnic if you’re venturing with (or without) the kids.

Parking is free, and easily accessed behind the playground, and there are public washrooms close by, making it a great spot for kids. Based on the playground structures, the playground is best suited for children for children aged 4+ (though there are baby swings).