Parents: Visit 10 of Edmonton’s Best Toddler Playgrounds

Finding safe places for toddlers to play in Edmonton where there are age-appropriate play structures, activities and a design that’s going to keep them interested doesn’t have to be difficult.

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‘Beehive Playground’ 
This playground is Lendrum has incredible beehives to climb through and a fun nature-theme for kids to explore. It’s low to the ground, easily accessible for little children and a great place to play for toddlers, all seasons in Edmonton.
Find it at: 11335 57 Ave

The Meadows ‘Rainbow Splash’
If you’re in the mood for a splash, the Meadows spray park is the playground for you. It’s small enough that you’re able to see the entire splash park from veiewing points at the table, or a grassy area perfect for picnics. Plus, there are washrooms on site, in the rec center – making it our favourite choice for young toddlers to cool off.
Find it at:  2704 17 St

Aurora Toddler Park
Toddler accessible play structures, a fun ‘star theme’ throughout the playground and easily accessible merry-go-round style of toys at the playground make this one a favourite for the little kids.
Find it at: 1489 Watt Drive 

Toddler-friendly Zipline 
Toddler friendly ziplines, where kids are actually sitting while they’re zooming across the playground is one of the reasons that we love this playground. It’s one of the only playgrounds in Edmonton where kids can experience the zooming, without actually having to hang on to a rope!
Find it at: 14325 96 Ave

Toddler Friendly Balance Beams + Dinosaur Bones
Wolf Willow Westridge Playground has a fantastic balance bean that’s nice and wide for those toddler explorations, and fantastic access to local trails to explore. Plus, there’s a dinosaur bone, sand-area, to explore. There are two structures, so if you’ve got older children, they’re going to be entertained too.
Find it at: 505 Wolf Willow Road 

Eaux Claires
Bring your toddler friendly scooters and other ‘wheely things’ along to Eaux Claires – not only is it toddler friendly, but there’s a fantastic track where kids can ride their scooters and bikes around the ‘road’ that’s created on the outside ring of the main play area.
Find it at: 16103 95 St

Maple Crest ‘Dream Playground’
This is one of our favourites not only because of the toddler-friendly play structure, but because of the Whimsical ‘DREAM’ statues on a toddler friendly slope that’s perfect for rolling downwards, with paths and bridges, it’s a fun community to explore, and the fantastic playground is a fun add-on.
Find it at: 37 Ave and 8th St 

Jackie Parker
Past the spray park, and conveniently close to the washrooms, you’ll find a great toddler friendly space at Jackie Parker. It’s not only a great place to cool off after you’ve been playing, but the toddler area is set aside from the huge expanse of the park for older children. It makes it easy to see where your small kids are playing, and keep an eye on them as they enjoy the playground.
Find it at: 4540 50 St

Brintnell Park 
You know those fun houses that you can find all over the city at playgrounds? They’re like whimsical little, toddler villages? Brintnell Park is our favourite playground that features one of these houses. It’s a fun, colorful, way to encourage pretend play in little kids. There’s even the adorable, toddler-friendly sized slide.
Find it at: 210 Brintnell Blvd NW

Jean Vanier 
Head over to this school playground in Sherwood Park for a dose of ‘old school’ playground magic. It’s a rare gem of a wooden playground, with a huge structure that’s easily scaled by toddlers, and enough space on the structure for you to join them on their adventure. In the mood for something more modern? Don’t worry, there’s a modern playground adjacent to this classic gem.
Find it at: 109 Georgian Way (Sherwood Park)

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