This Edmonton Area Petting Zoo Will Bring Alpacas to Your Party

Alpacas are so fluffy, adorable and just so funny – I had been dropping hints about a birthday celebration that included our best friends, backyard and alpacas for a couple of months before we hosted a backyard birthday celebration and it was a surprise-but-I-knew-about-it-surprise that made for one of the coolest birthday experiences – whether you’re an adult or you’re a kid.

Wanistay Ranch has a variety of animals for birthday party petting zoos, and a pair of Alpacas made for an incredible experience – I may have been the most excited person at the party when the trailer arrived and out walked two alpacas, ready to come hang out in our backyard for an hour.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve met Paula, or the first time that we’ve used the Wanistay Ranch services for a birthday. In fact, most of the kids at the party (and every adult) remembered the birthday we celebrated back in April that includes chickens, a pig, and a room full of bunnies. Paula is quick to share tidbits about the animals, and we learned a few things that we didn’t know about the Alpacas. You’ll love Paula, and you’ll love the Alpacas.

Amigo and Papigo were full of personality, and Alpaca spitting is no joke. They are so funny, tame and happy to roam around the backyard, munching on the grass, and getting ‘pets’ from everyone at the party.

As far as costs go, the two Alpacas, for an hour of birthday entertainment will run you $175. Pretty on par with birthday entertainment. Word has it they’re booked for most of the summer – but you can always start planning for next year!

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