5 Places in Edmonton for Kids to Climb the Walls

The weather is going to cool off again, and I know we’re going to be back to searching for places to play indoors, taking a break from the wonderful winter experiences we’re lucky to have in Edmonton. If you’ve got kids that like to climb, we’re sharing some of our favourite places for kids to climb the walls, get rid of some of that energy, and play indoors in Edmonton.

Millennium Place | In the kids Edutainment centre, you’ll find a great climbing wall aimed for children younger than 8. The wall is easy enough for toddlers to climb, the surfaces on the floor are soft and parents can easily help and support children climbing up the wall.

Bonus points: it’s little-kid friendly, and it’s inexpensive, just over five bucks for kids to get in. Parents don’t have to pay admission.

Vertically Inclined | Climbing drop in on Sunday afternoons is one of our favourite ways to climb off some energy from the weekend. It’s $20/child but you get a coupon for next time you come, and there are often Groupon deals available for the drop in climbing gym. With plenty of different places to climb, it maintains the excitement and parents can also take advantage of registered classes.

The Science Garage | At Telus World of Science, there’s a fun climbing wall – but there’s a catch. The climbing wall moves in a circle, meaning that kids have to move quickly in order to counter the movement. It’s one their favourite features of the space, second to the cool camera that captures your shadow’s movement.

Rock Jungle Fitness | Programs are available for children as young as 5 through the Cubs program. The registered program will bring kids through the fundamentals of climbing, in a safe and fun environment, using skills building and games.

Rock n Wall | Located in Galaxyland Amusement Park, Rock ‘N Wall is a challenging rock-climbing wall with three skill levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). There is no age restriction and a 36-inch height minimum.

What are some of your favourite places for the kids to climb the walls in Edmonton?

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