Cineplex Is Giving Out Free Popcorn Across Canada This Friday

It’s the perfect day to take the kids to the movies on Friday – because it’s national popcorn day! At local Cineplex theatres, they’re celebrating with free popcorn, at all 163 locations across Canada.

Each visitor with a scene card will receive one free bag of popcorn – and conveniently, you can sign up at the theatre if they’re a kiosk, or visit the website before you go.

We use our Scene debit card frequently, and can’t remember the last time we paid for a movie (or for a trip to the Rec Room) – so if you haven’t signed up yet, there are some perks for regular use!

What should you watch? Paddington 2 is in theatres this weekend but if there’s nothing on your list for movies that you want to see with the kids, you can always call it a date night.

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