Landmark Cinemas Has $2.99 Movies All Day Every Tuesday Starting June 26

Landmark Cinemas is back, opening June 26 with classic screenings of your favourite film. If you’re like us, and are wondering what you were going to do to entertain the kids all summer without breaking the bank, you can add ‘go to the movies’, to your list.

COVID-19 Precautions at the Movies

Don’t worry, there are precautions in place to make the experience a safe one. What can you expect when you visit the theatre? First, it’s encouraged to book your reservation for the movies online, buying your tickets in advance. PPE and masks are being used by staff, and there is a reduced capacity of 75% in traditional seated theatres, and 50% for recliner theatres. You can choose your seats online, in advance. The number of showtimes has been reduced, and the amount of time between each show time has been increased to reduce traffic in the theatre.

In addition to the above, there’s a reduced concession menu available at each theatre – keep this in mind before you go and check if your favourite movie snacks are available. The big change with the concession is the fact that the free refills on the large popcorn and Coke Freestyle, are going to be stopped temporarily. They’re pretty large though, so this one isn’t a make or break for our movie experience. 

Catch $2.99 Movies every Tuesday

You can watch $2.99 Movies on Tuesdays, with classic choices from Jurassic Park and Jaws, to The Goonies, The Avengers and Beetlejuice. (Regular movies are priced at $5, every other day of the week). This inexpensive way to bring the kids to the movies means our whole family can attend a movie for under twenty bucks!

That’s right! Every movie,* every format, just $5.00 (tax included) every day through July 23, 2020. Plus, Tuesdays are just $2.99 (tax included). Welcome Back, Movie Lovers!

Check your theatre’s showtime page to see what’s playing.