Brentwood School Playground

Hidden away in a quiet area of town in Sherwood Park is the Brentwood School Playground. It’s a playground where kids can jump, play and explore through the traditional playground, and a must-visit for any local kids that like slides, as there are four in the structure.

One of the coolest thing about the Brentwood School Playground is the ‘scavenger hunt’ as the kids called it. A wheel tucked away under the play structure has a series of symbols that are hidden throughout the playground structure. You spin the wheel, and race to find the symbol – and the first one to the symbol is the winner. It’s a game at the playground that you’re actually going to want to play (well, the first time that you visit).

At the playground, you’ll find three different slides, one enclosed twisty slide, a steeper open slide and a slide with rollers, to give you even more speed as you propel down from the play structure.

Covered with sand, the playground is quiet, and located at a school, in a quiet neighbourhood, with benches available to sit on, and easy accessible parking.

Find the playground at 28 Heron Rd in Sherwood Park.

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