Westridge Wolf Willow Playground

Westridge Wolf Willow Edmonton Playground

There’s something cool about discovering a new playground, and finding something that you haven’t before seen in any other playground in Edmonton. This Edmonton playground is going to have you excited because it’s not usually very busy, there is easy parking on site, there are structures for older children, and for toddlers, and you’re going to see a couple of things that are unique to the Westridge Wolf Willow Playground.

What’s there to play on at the Westridge Wolf Willow Playground?

  • Spinning circle: totally cool spinning wheel that kids can get inside and spin all the way around! 
  • T-Rex in the sand, if you’ve got a kid obsessed with dinosaurs, or digging, they can actuall excavate the T-rex in the sand
  • Three-story tower in the playground designed for older children, with lots of nooks and crannies for climbing up
  • Toddler structure
  • Traditional baby swings

One of the coolest parts about the Wolf Willow Playground is the fact that it’s so close to the River Valley. You can cross the street for immediate access to trails, and have a fantastic time exploring when you’re finished playing at the hidden gem Edmonton playground.

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