Visit These 7 Edmonton Zipline Playgrounds with Your Kids this Summer

Our kids love playgrounds, but if that Edmonton playground has a zipline, the kids are even more excited about it. They run up to the zipline, and can’t wait to zoom across the playground with the wind in their hair. From traditional ziplines, to accessible zip-lines, and even spinning zip-lines, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Edmonton playgrounds with Ziplines.

Here’s where to find Edmonton Zipline Playgrounds

Florence Hallock School
Find it at: 
16437 87 St NW
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Mary Hanley School
Find it at: 3330 – 37 Street NW

Crestwood Community Playground
Find it at: 14325 96 Ave NW
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Svend Hansen School (With a cool Zipline Spinner) 
Find it at: 2130 – 16 Avenue NW

Andy’s Playground
Find it at: Just off of Pointe Aux Pins Road (Fort Saskatchewan)

Leduc Meadowview Playground
Find it at: CW Gaetz Rd. and Meadowview Blvd
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David Thomas King School
Find it at: 22707 – 97 Avenue NW