Jean Vanier Playground in Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park PlaygroundsThis summer, it’s on our list to make it to at least twenty of the playgrounds in Edmonton (and area).  Jean Vanier Playground in Sherwood Park was suggested as a place that the kids Dad used to play when he was a child. Arriving at the playground, it was exciting to see the old and the new come together with a wooden, solid play structure with so many nooks and crannies to explore he used to climb on as a child, with a bright new structure.

Jean Vanier New Playground

A bonus to the park, aside from the fantastic older wooden play structure that’s perfect for hide and seek, and for climbing, is the walking or biking paths around the school. We didn’t have a chance to explore down the path, but apparently if you follow it there used to be a large climbing wall structure (that’s on our list of places to explore for next time).

There’s lots of shade, picnic tables and green space to run around, play and kick the ball. Located in one of the older areas of Sherwood Park, it wasn’t busy and we were the only ones there on the Saturday afternoon for almost half an hour until other people showed up. There’s small trails through the woods for kids to hunt for caterpillars, and paved trails for walking and biking. It’s a great playground for all ages of children.

There are no bathroom facilities at the playground, but there is a ton to explore, and play on while you’re there. Bring some snacks, a blanket, and enjoy the quiet area, the sun and the many, many places to play.

Location: Jean Vanier School, 109 Georgian Way