Giovanni Caboto Playground

We lived downtown with a two year old, and loved it, until we moved to the suburbs. Over the last couple of years, we had forgotten how much fun we had at Giovanni Caboto Park, with the fun water and mud station, the simple but cooling spray deck. Combined with the shaded areas, the many places to run around, the green shack program and the fact that the community does a great job keeping the playground clean and in tip top shape – we wondered why we didn’t venture over that way more, and enjoy the space.

I mean, after all, we used to live within walking distance of the playground and it was one of our regular hangouts. I think we’ve resolved to spend some more time downtown and in the playground.

Giovanno Caboto Playground Downtown Edmonton

The play structure was a great fit for our three and six year old, who spent a lot of time running across it, and swinging across the bars. The spray deck was still on, but as we were walking across the parking lot the fountain turned off (it was around eight o’clock, and the water fountain for the mud making station wasn’t working) so I’m wondering if they both turned off at eight o’clock.

Regardless, the kids still had fun running through the playground, playing on the structure, on the big disc swings, and playing with sand. I like the fact that the playground structure is created from that soft material, and not sand, and that there was coverage from the trees. The kids liked the fact that it was in close proximity to get ice cream and popsicles when we finished playing.

Tip: During the week during the day, the area is one of the many parks in the city that take part in the Green Shack program, offering activities to youth at the playground.

Giovanni Caboto Playground is located at 9403 109A Avenue NW across from the Italian Center Downtown.