There’s a Brand New ‘Swing with a View’ in Edmonton and Here’s How to Get There

One of our favourite things about this city is how it’s a city full of makers, of creators and innovators. The swings that pop up all over the city – some hidden, and some not so hidden, are one of our absolute favourite discoveries. So much so, that we’ve just installed one of our very own (we’ll keep that one a secret until it’s discovered because it’s very, very hidden). For now, you can enjoy the newest swing, the Floden Park Swing!

This newest swing is one of the easiest to access, because there is no hidden trail to follow, and you can access it right from the road. It’s located in Floden Park, and a bit high up, so come prepared to help your younger kids get up on the swing.

Here are some of the things that you should know before you visit the Floden Park swing in Edmonton:

  • When you visit, you can park on the road
  • Bring mosquito repellant, the bugs are very, very thick and even though we were there for a short while, we left covered with mosquito bites
  • Don’t forget the hand sanitizer. There are multiple, multiple people touching this swing on the daily, so hand sanitize when you get into the car, before you get on the swing, and make sure to wash hands when you get home!
  • Be patient. This is a popular swing, and with politeness and patience, everyone can get their turn
  • Enjoy the view!

Floden Park is located at 4209 111 Ave NW and is a great, kid-friendly place to explore and enjoy the view with the kids, even without the incredible new swingin’ hotspot.

What’s your favourite hidden gem in Edmonton to explore this summer?