Westboro School Playground in Sherwood Park

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Westboro School Playground is the unique, pirate bouncer, that you won’t find at any other playground in the city. Fantastic for when it’s filled with kids, they can move and bounce it like a giant bouncing-ship, and equally fantastic because it’s one of the many spaces at Westboro School Playground that’s completely accessible.

We love the merry-go-round (also accessible) because smaller children can sit on it while they go round, and round, and round. It’s easy for parents to push, and has the soft playground surface in case there are any tumbles.

The traditional monkey bars are taken up a notch, with three courses of different bars, accessible to kids that are able to reach them. Mid way bars are also added, for kids that might not be tall enough to reach the top bars on the first jump, and they’re inviting for those incredible games of ‘don’t touch the lava’ with a stopping point between each of the three sections of bars.

For the main climbing play structure, there’s a great mix of fun things to do, from climbing through a row of colors, playing a piano (again, notice the fantastic accessible features) or gliding from one side of the structure to the other. Something I appreciated here, was the shorter glider, as we didn’t have to lift up our youngest child to reach again and again, she could go it on her own.

With rows and rows of swings, it’s not likely that you’re going to have to wait to get on while you’re there, and again, you’ll find a variety of swings, with accessible options, for children of many different ages.

Turn around the corner from the school, and you’ll find a completely new playground to explore, a climbing structure suited more towards older children, along with plenty of green space to run and play.

Plenty of parking, an ice cream shack right down the street, and plenty of space to play – it’s worth the short trip to Sherwood Park.

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